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let’s compare and contrast


This is NOT a rant.

Let’s compare and contrast these responses to the tragedy in Tucson.

Shall we?

I was lucky enough to have this story break over brunch last weekend with my dear friend and political advisor. Yes, I have a political advisor, nbd guys! Although we didn’t have any real details Saturday afternoon (though that didn’t stop the NY Post from announcing that Giffords died within hours of the story breaking–can someone please get these people a Pulitzer??) we talked briefly about the timing. I have no real commentary on this story. I thought the president’s response was appropriate. What does one say when a disgruntled man shoots an unarmed congresswoman in the head from 4ft away with an automatic weapon? All I can say is that it was just matter of time before some unstable person took the violent political rhetoric to these extremes.

That was NOT a rant.

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