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earth hates humans



Tsunami From Hell: Obama Tells Hawaiians to Run For Their Lives

Unsatisfied with the terrible death and destruction in Chile, the Evil Earthquake is now hoping to wipe out the Hawaiian Islands with a Terrible Tsunami. Alleged Hawaiian Barack Obama just warned his people on the Sandwich Islands that the killer wave spawned by the 8.8 Chilean quake should start bashing the shores in about an hour. Why does Nature hate everybody?

Ha ha, nature does not actually care, as it is simply a “force” and not a “Dick Cheney trying to kill everyone on purpose.”

So the plates of the Earth continue shifting around like crazy. Haiti, that was bad! Chile, this is very bad! There were also 6.9 and 7.2 temblors in Japan and offshore near China, last night. Argentina just had a 6.3. Shit’s going bananas! Oh, and the West Coast is due for an eight or nine on the olde Richter Scale, too — that 6.5 in Eureka, California, last month was just an appetizer. Even the mob/ACORN midwest city of Chicago had a 4.3 two weeks ago. THE EARTH IS TRYING TO SHAKE ALL OF US TO DEATH, which is child abuse.


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